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Can owls move their eyes ?

Asked by infogirl - 7 years 2 months ago

This question can also be asked as:

why can't owls move their eyes?

Suggested by anonymous - 4 years 4 months ago

can owls move there heads?

Suggested by anonymous - 1 year 7 months ago

Highest Rated Answer

Answered by Jan
7 years 2 months ago
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Owls eyes don't move in their sockets because they are long like a tube.

Fun Facts About Owls
A Great Horned Owl weighs about 3 ? - 4 pounds. Its two eyes together weigh about 25.7 grams (almost an ounce). That's more than the eyes of a 200-pound human!
Snowy Owls weigh about 4 pounds. But the Great Gray Owl, which is larger than the Great Horned or Snowy Owl, weighs only 2-3 pounds, and one starving Great Gray Owl that recovered weighed only ? pound!
Female owls are larger and heavier than the males of their species.
Owl necks are longer and skinnier than they look-the long, thick feathers that cover them make the necks look short and fat. Owls can snake and twist their necks to turn their heads about 270 degrees-about ? of a full circle-without moving their shoulders!
Owls don't have eyeballs-the eyes are long and shaped more like a tube. Owl eyes can't turn in their sockets because of this shape.
Owls and the related nightjars (including Whip-poor-wills and nighthawks) are among the only birds that have a larger upper eyelid than lower eyelid. That, their forward-facing eyes, and feather-covering at the base of their beak make them look a bit more human-like than other birds. That and their human-sounding voices (Who? Who?) are part of why so many cultures throughout the world have stories and folklore about owls.
Owls can see in the daytime. Their pupils don't get as small as ours in bright light, so to block out the extra light, they often close their eyes half-way or more. They may look sleepy or even half asleep when really they are wide awake and alert!
Vision cells (called rods and cones) are in the retina of all animals. But birds and primates (including humans!) have a special area in the retina called the fovea where these vision cells are especially concentrated. In hawks and owls, the fovea is on the upper part of the retina, so things below the owl appear exceptionally clear-this helps them hunt on the ground. When owls close their eyes half way, they block out the sky and some of the sunlight, but can still see the ground below perfectly!
In darkness or when prey is hidden by snow or tall weeds, owls need to pinpoint both the direction of and the exact distance from their prey. (In total darkness, if they grab too short, they'll miss, too far and they could crash on the ground!) Owl ears are crooked-one is further forward and one higher than the other. When an owl hears the sound of a mouse as loud as possible in both ears, it has the direction. And because the ears are crooked, the sound of the mouse reaches one ear a split second before it reaches the other-that difference allows the owl's brain to calculate the exact distance from the mouse!

Found at: http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/spring/OwlFacts.html

Other Answers

Answered by anonymous
5 years ago
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they do not have eyeballs so no

Answered by korsu001
9 months 1 week ago
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