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When is the new superman movie coming out?

Asked by anonymous - 7 years ago

This question can also be asked as:

Is The Superman Returns 2 coming out 2009 or 2011?

Suggested by anonymous - 6 years 2 months ago

when does the new superman movie come out ?

Suggested by anonymous - 5 years 1 month ago

when does the Superman- Man of Steel coming out on DVD?

Suggested by anonymous - 1 year 4 months ago

Highest Rated Answer

Answered by oz
7 years ago
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It has been announced that another Superman is coming out ! Details are sketchy, but rumors say Lex returns and others say General Zod is back.The film is scheduled for a 2009 release but might be held up until 2010. Rumors have Brandon Routh back again as the Man of Steel.
The project is categorized as being in production. Here are some links to keep you informed.

Superman: Man of Steel (2009)

Superman: The Man of Steel

Superman: The Man of Steel . Justice League of America. Sequel to The Dark Knight!

Superman Returns 2: Zod Returns?

Other Answers

Answered by dat_chik122
7 years ago
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There's supposed to be a sequel called, " The Man of Steel" in 2009 or 2010. Bryan Singer stated that it would be tighter, more action-packed and would be all, "Wrath of Khan". A lot of people believe he's going to bring back General Zod. There was a rumor that he was going to have Jude Law play Zod in the first movie, but his scheduling wouldn't allow it, so Singer didn't add Zod in the first movie. This next one will retread of the second Superman film years ago.

Answered by anonymous
6 years 1 month ago
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i dont know ive been googlin fer hrs fer that haha i think its gonna be called the man of steel... im excited =P


commented 2 years 8 months ago

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Answered by anonymous
4 years 2 months ago
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when they are finished with the movie

Answered by anonymous
3 years 8 months ago
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well it's 2011 and no movie yet come on dc give the people what they want a awesome superman movie


commented 2 years 8 months ago

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